3 Games to Play With Your Significant Other

They say everything is better when you get to share it with the one you love. This is especially true when referencing games.

Whether you’re bored at home or looking for way to spice up your foreplay, listed below are three fun and arousing games to play with your significant other.

Write on Back

There’s no sensation like feeling your partner’s hands among your bare body as they scratch or rub your back. It’s a feeling that can send shivers down your spine and blood to all the right areas.

Change things up a bit though and instead of a casual back scratch or back rub, instead use your finger and trace out certain words or phrases on your partners back as they try to guess what it is that you wrote. You can keep things playful and PG-rated, or you can spice things up a bit and use the game as a gateway to more fun later on.

If you chose the latter, then a good idea is to trace out certain sexual acts or positions. If your partner guesses wrong, then that act or position must then be performed or reserved for after the game. If they guess right, then merely switch roles and continue playing. Switch after every guess to ensure a fair time and double enjoyment.

Personal Question Strip Tease

How well do you think you know your significant other? A fun and arousing way to find out is by playing personal question strip tease.

While this game may create a bit of conflict by shedding light on how little you actually listen to and/or know about your partner, it’ll be impossible for them, or you, to stay mad as you both wind up naked.

To play, you merely ask your partner a question about yourself, for example, “What is my favorite color?” If your partner answers right, then you merely continue and it is their turn to ask. But if they guess wrong, then it is they who must now take off a piece of clothing.

Sooner or later you’ll both end up naked, ending the game, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there.

Dirty Hide & Seek

Dirty hide and seek is a dirty take on everyone’s favorite game growing up: hide and seek. The rules are still exactly the same, one of you hides while the other seeks you out, but there’s added…bonuses, you could say.

Before hiding, gather 10 pieces of scrap paper. On them, write down a sexual position you’ve wanted to try, a new place in the house to get freaky, or a certain act you’d like performed on you for a certain amount of time. Now, walk around the house and place these pieces of paper in hiding spots that one might expect to find you. After doing so, the game is ready to begin and you can now hide as your partner counts down before coming to find you.

As your partner searches the house looking for you, they must collect any scrap of paper that they come across. Once you have finally been found, the seeker must be held accountable for any pieces of paper they found and what it says upon them.

It is only fair that both of you gets a turn to hide and spread about dirty notes around the house.

If you want to learn more about this, check out the video below!  Or, if you don’t have a partner right now to play sex games with, check out call of booty, the number 1 rated adult sex game on the internet.