5 Board Games You Can Turn Into Drinking Games

Board games, in a sense, serve as a great representation of family fun, childhood innocence and nights spent in. What better way to make them even more exciting than by adding alcohol?

It’s cheaper, cleaner and far more fun than a night in a crowded bar with strangers lurking all about. It’s great for a date night, a gathering of friends or a grown up version of game night with the family for old time’s sake.

Either way, alcohol is great, and so are board games, so just imagine how great they are together. If you want to find out, which I highly suggest you do, read on for five board games that you could turn into drinking games.


A game of true intelligence that tests not only one’s character, but also one’s patience, chess is a great game to add alcohol to. To make things a bit more exciting and carefree, switch out all of the game pieces for shots of alcohol.

I highly suggest that you do not fill the shots with a spirit alcohol, but instead beer or wine.


Jenga is already an exciting and nerve-wracking game, so adding alcohol will only make it even more exciting and especially messier.

The best way to incorporate drinking is whenever someone successfully pulls a piece from the tower, everyone else playing must then take a drink. If the person pulling causes the tower to completely collapse, then everyone playing must immediately finish their drinks.

Cards Against Humanity

This is a game not for the weak-stomached or sensitive natured, so drinking while playing is definitely encouraged. Matter of fact, I’d be surprised if those playing this game aren’t already drinking as they play. Either way, make some rules that regulates everyone’s intake and adds a new element to the game.

While judging the group’s cards and deciding which one best fits the chosen phrase, the judge must take a drink if any cards cause him/her to laugh out loud. Chances are, people will do most of their drinking while being judge.

Whoever’s card is eventually picked as the round’s winner, they must then take a drink in celebration.


There are two ways one can go about drinking during twister. Either you literally write “Drink” on predetermined spots on the playing surface—which then calls for any player who uses that spot to take a drink—or you could punish people for falling by making them drink.

Either way, there will be drinking involved and the rounds are sure to get a bit messier as the game goes on and the drinking deepens.

Guess Who

Guess Who is a classic game that nearly everyone has played, but they haven’t played while drunk. To incorporate drinking, have a third person sit in and act as the Political Correctness Monitor. It is their job to flag a player for using any discriminatory descriptions while asking what their opponent’s character looks like.

If you’re flagged for an unacceptable description, then you drink. If you reword the same description and are then flagged again, then you take two drinks. You have to continue this until the Political Correctness Monitor “okays” your phrasing and the question may be asked.

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