5 Users that Post Hot Snapchat Stories


The days of searching up videos to watch on sites like PornHub and Brazzers with pointless storylines that are worse than a Nicolas Cage movie, and unnecessary dialogue, are gone. Besides, nobody watches the whole video when masturbating — you wait to get to the good part, do the do, realize what you’re actually doing and watching, then move on with your day.

Well now, thanks to Snapchat, you don’t have to wait 10 minutes into a video to see hot girls or guys to take their clothes off and play with themselves or someone else.

Within about 10 seconds, you could be seeing your new favorite porn stars in their POV and completely nude. And with Snapchat’s new update of continuous recording and expanding the 10-second limit — it makes it that much better!

Here are some of the top 5 hottest nude snapchat users you should be following.

1. Lena the Plug

Lena Nersesian, who goes by the name of Lena the Plug, has built up a mass following for herself and is usually the girl people think of nowadays when it comes to private nude Snapchats. If you haven’t heard of her before, then you’re missing out.

Lena started buzzing when she filmed a YouTube video making a promise to release a sex tape with her boyfriend Adam Grandmaison, or Adam22 of the popular hip-hop music YouTube channel No Jumper, when both their channels hit 1 million subscribers. They both have reached that goal, so now it’s a matter of waiting to see if Lena and Adam come through on their promise.

But not only is she incredibly hot; she’s got brains, too. Lena is a University of California, Santa Cruz graduate with a degree in psychology, so it’s only fair that she makes her private Snapchat a business. You can access it through this link, where you can get daily nude content from her and even chat one-on-one with her on occasion.

Or, you can add her public Snapchat (aboveaveragehoe) to get a taste of what’s to come. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Emily Rinaudo

Best friend of Lena the Plug and former roommate, Emily Rinaudo, is also a girl worth following on Snapchat. She is also known for her vlogging channel on YouTube that she started just about five months ago.

Emily has a few porn videos out there, but lucky for you; you can see new posts from her daily by adding her Snapchat. Again, she has both a premium access and a public Snapchat (emilyrinaudoxo) for your viewing pleasure.

3. Karlee Grey

Karlee Grey is becoming one of the newest, most popular pornstars, and along with watching her films, you can see her everyday life and daily nudity on her Snapchat!

If her public Snapchat (karleegreyxxx) isn’t enough content for you, she also has the option of subscribing to her private Snapchat where she does daily shows, and you also get a chance to chat with her!

4. Daily Babes

An alternative to adding multiple girls own snapchats is to add a user who posts different girls every day! All in one story!

Daily Babes (dailybabessnap) is known for being a one-stop shop for hot girls. Each day a new girl takes over and posts provocative snaps on their story for you to see.

5. Arsenic TV

Another top-notch source for getting various hot girl content is Arsenic TV, the Snapchat story for Arsenic Magazine.

By adding (arsenictv) and checking out their story, every day a new, gorgeous girl takes over and showcases not only their looks but their day-to-day lives.

Some of these girls will take you along on their cool jobs, like photography or modeling, and behind the scenes of events like concerts. This is the difference with Arsenic’s Snapchat story, not only do you get to see new, amazing-looking women every day, but they’re badass, hard-working women as well.